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Parish Councillors

Photos to follow after May elections

Sue Roberts


Lesley Smith


Sue Adeney

Vice Chairperson

Alison Sparkes


Pippa Barclay


Alex Walker


Sara Beadon




Local Government Representatives
The role of the district councillor

Each elected Member serves on full Council, which determines strategic policy and approves certain matters "reserved" to Council, such as setting the budget and Council Tax.

Councillors also serve on one of two Area Planning Committees, and may also serve on other committees, such as Executive Committee, Overview & Scrutiny or the Licensing and Appeals Committee.

An important part of the councillor's role takes place away from the Council itself and in their ward, where they act as a point of contact between the district council, parish and town councils and residents on a range of community matters. 

These are your local councillors:

Councillor Martin Allen

For more information, about Martin's roles and responsibilities, click here.

To contact Martin, call: 07375 860264 or email at:

Councillor Tom Wells

Leader of Malvern Hills District Council, 

For more information about Tom's roles and responsibilities, click here.


To contact Tom direct, call 01905 831752 / 07702 996203 or email at:

Member of Parliament

West Worcestershire Constituency

Rt. Hon Harriet Baldwin, MP (Conservative Party)

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