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Lascelle's Directory entry for Hanley Castle

Photographs of Hanley Castle graves on Parish Mouse

Census Returns

Census Returns

Here you will find census returns for Hanley Castle Parish for the period 1841 -1911.  Parish information from the 1921 census data is not freely available from National Archives, so it is not possible to include it here. To view, click on the relevant date below to access a downloadable PDF.

Mapping tool

Digitised Local History Mapping Tool

Following completion of the Hanley Castle digitised mapping project by Maggie Noke of the Worcestershire Historic Environment Service (as part of The Hanleys’ Village Society’s Heritage Lottery grant), it is now possible to zoom in on any site in the parish and see its boundaries and any building on it at the time of the 1795 Enclosure Act.

Then at the click of a mouse, transparent layers from other historic maps can be superimposed to show how the 18th-century layout compares with parish maps drawn in 1812, 1852, 1903 and the modern Ordinance Survey. Double-clicking on a particular spot brings a close-up outline of the parcel of land, together with whatever description was noted at the time of the Enclosure Award in 1797.

In addition, the Lechmere-Hornyold exchange map of 1873 can be substituted for the 1797 map to show the lands that were exchanged between the two families to consolidate their respective holdings in the east and west of the parish.

To access the tool, go to:  

Historical Parish Maps

Historical Parish Maps

Click on a map to open a larger image.

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