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Environmental Initiatives

In 2019, following a public meeting, Hanley Castle Parish Council committed to work towards achieving carbon neutrality in the Parish.  In response, a number of local groups were set up to help achieve this goal.  To date, a lot has been achieved, despite the pandemic, but work continues, whether through enhancing biodiversity in our verges, planting more trees to capture carbon, or making plastic-free items available and more affordable through group purchasing.

For advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption at home, click here

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An initiative to identify ways in which the parish could reduce the carbon footprint of its energy consumption.

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Eco Churches

Both St Mary's and St Gabriel's churches have been awarded 'Eco Church' status.  St Marys church has achieved the Silver Award and St Gabriel’s has  been awarded bronze.   For more information about the scheme go to: 

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Hanley Habitats

A scheme to increase biodiversity in our verges and other public places.

Natural Bathroom Accessories
Plastic-free Alternatives

A range of plastic-free alternatives is available each month at the Market & Cafe.

Toad Crossing Group

Helping toads migrate safely across the road during mating season.

Tree Planting

An annual initiative to plant trees in and around the parish.

Local Initiatives

We work closely with other parishes on environmental initiatives, in particular Castlemorton Parish, which now has its own environmental action group.  For more information, read on.

Click on the icon to view a presentation given by the Group to local residents.

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