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Wildlife photographed in the Hanley Parish

Here is a selection of photos taken in our parish.  If you have some good shots of wildlife that you'd like us to include, please do get in touch.

A photo of a goldfinch on a sunflower seed feeder.

Carduelis carduelis

A photo of a redwing in a Hanley Castle field - Turdus iliacus

Gilberts End 5 Feb 2023

A close up of a robin staring straight at the observer - Erithacus rubecula

Gilberts End 14 May 2022

A photo of a greenfinch in a Hanley Swan garden

Chloris chloris

A photo of a marbled white butterfly

Gilberts End 2 July 2023

A picture of a male greater spotted woodpecker pecking at a fat cake.

Dendrocopos major

A picture of a nuthatch characteristically feeding upside down - Sitta europaea

Hanley Swan 5 Feb 2022

An image of a glaring sparrowhawk sitting in a tree - Accipiter nisus

Hanley Swan 5 Oct 2022

First sighting of a swallow in Hanley Swan sitting on a wire - Hirundo rustica

Gilberts End 12 Apr 2023

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