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Hanley Swan Village Memorial Hall

Hanley Swan Village Memorial Hall is available to book for a wide variety of events, large and small. There are two halls available, the larger main hall and the smaller second hall that can also be divided with folding doors. 

It is a popular venue, so please ensure you book early to avoid disappointment.  See below for hall sizes, tariffs, charges, and terms and conditions. 

For reviews and how to find us, click on the map

Hanley Swan Village Memorial Hall

Welland Road

Hanley Swan


Main Hall Tariffs

Main Hall

(approx. 15.4m x 9.3m) 144m2
Meetings <35 persons
Meetings >35 persons
Parties, Dances etc.
Evening 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
£24 (£8)
£28 (£9)
Min £45 (£15)
£60 (£25)
Afternoon 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
£20 (£6)
£23 (7)
Min £35 (£8)
£50 (£20)
Morning 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
£20 (£6)
£23 (7)
Min £35 (£8)
£50 (£20)

Hourly rates are shown in brackets and are normally subject to a two-hour minimum.

Second Hall

(approx. 7.7m x 7.3m) 54m2
Second Hall Tariffs
Parties, Dances etc.
Evening Session
£18 (£6)
£26 (£8)
Daytime, per session
£16 (£5)
£24 (8)

Hourly rates are shown in brackets and are normally subject to a two-hour minimum.

  • Regular user (12 times annually or more), 25% discount

  • Development groups within Hanley Castle Parish, for under 18 age group, 50% discount

  • No discounts are available for one-off fund-raising events.

Other charges
Other Charges
  • Committee room only, £3.50 per hour (heating by £1 meter)

  • Special events, e.g. wedding receptions, New Year's Eve, by arrangement

  • Car Park only, £6 per session (subject to availability)

Committee Room
Main Kitchen
Good to know
Good to know

Tables and chairs are available for use:

  • 25 trestle table - 61cm X 182cm

  • 109 chairs

  • 15 tables - 60cm X 60cm

Not all of these may be available for your booking, as furniture could be wanted in different rooms at the same time, so please check in advance.​


  • There is a microwave, kettle, and hob, which can be used for heating up food.  Cooking food from scratch is not permitted under the Hall's licence terms.

  • Environmental health regulations mean you must bring your own tea towels & washing-up brushes or cloths. 

  • Cutlery and crockery is not included but can be hired if required. -  please contact the letting agent.   There is a quantity of general crockery in the kitchen, which is free to use.


  • Free WIFI is available (approx speed 70Mbps down and 18.2Mbps up).

  • The car park is used to drop off and pick up children from the adjacent school, mainly before 9 am and between 3 pm and 4.15 pm.  Please drive very carefully at all times within the car park.


Terms and Conditions of Use
Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Hourly rates are shown in brackets and are normally subject to a two-hour minimum.

  2. The hourly rate applies to hirings after 10:30 pm.

  3. USE OF KITCHEN with Main Hall included for heating food only.

  4. Commercial – means any business usage involving sales, auctions, displays, etc to the public.

  5. Deposits may be required for Parties & Dances.

  6. Use of showers with Second Hall: £8

  7. QUIZ NIGHTS: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm - £45 / With Fish and Chip supper -£50

  8. The Village Hall is let in accordance with the Safety and Letting Regulations, obtainable from the Letting Agent and enclosed with each letting agreement. The charges listed may be subject to alteration at the discretion of the Village Hall Committee. 

  9. The Tariffs include Central Heating, but under current Health and Safety regulations, towels and dishcloths must now be the Hirer’s responsibility to avoid any cross-contamination. If crockery or cutlery is required this must be requested at the time of confirming the booking.

  10. If you are serving any alcohol at a function taking place at the Hall, whether free or for sale, you are subject to the same rules and regulations that pertain to any licensed premises. A copy of the rules can be downloaded as a pdf from here.

Relevant documents in PDF form can be accessed below:

Village Hall Tariffs

Safety and Letting Regulations

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