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Hanley Castle Neighbourhood Plan

This Plan sets out the vision for Hanley Castle Parish and the planning policies for the use and development of land within the parish.

Neighbourhood plans focus on guiding development rather than stopping it and give communities an increased ability to influence planning within their areas. Plans have to conform with planning policies and guidance at a local and national level and meet the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. This is checked by an independent examiner. They also need to demonstrate the involvement of the local community in decision-making and be subject to a community referendum. 


Hanley Castle's Neighbourhood plan referendum was held on Thursday 29 November 2018 and was adopted by Malvern Hills District Council on 22 January 2019.  This made it part of the statutory Development Plan for Malvern Hills District, sitting alongside the  South Worcestershire Development Plan, and other material considerations in determining planning applications in the parish of Hanley Castle.

A picture of Hanley Castle Neighbourhood Plan dated January 2019

Click on the image to view the full plan.

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