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Hanley Castle Neighbourhood Plan

What is the Neighbourhood Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan sets out the vision for the parish and the planning policies for the use and development of land within the parish.

Neighbourhood plans focus on guiding development rather than stopping it and give communities an increased ability to influence planning within their areas. Plans have to conform with planning policies and guidance at a local and national level and meet the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. This is checked by an independent examiner. They also need to demonstrate the involvement of the local community in decision-making and be subject to a community referendum. 

Neighbourhood plans sit within a suite of plans, the highest being the National Planning Policy Framework then the county development plan and then neighbourhood plans. It is important that all three plans work together and that their policies integrate.


Cover of Neighbourhood Plan_edited.jpg

Click the image to view the proposed plan to be revised in 2024, further associated documents are available lower down the page.

Plan Review 23/24

Hanley Castle's Neighbourhood plan was adopted by Malvern Hills District Council on 22 January 2019.  This made it part of the statutory Development Plan for Malvern Hills District, sitting alongside the  South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP), and other material considerations in determining planning applications in the parish of Hanley Castle.

Plan Review 2023/24

Following a pre consultation and review, changes to the Neighbourhood Plan have been identified and the Parish Council wishes to proceed to a Regulation 14 submission in order to update the Plan. Regulation 14 is a process that makes these changes known in the form of revised plan and invites comments from interested parties.


The proposed alterations update the plan to account for building activity and other changes in parish since the plan was made in January 2019. It also adds items to the local heritage list that characterise a rural parish with deep historical roots.


The review committee believes that it is not necessary, at this stage, to change the policies and site allocations within the plan.


The proposed revised plan and associated documents are available for consultation and can be accessed below:


Hanley Castle Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan REGULATION 14 SUBMISSION January 2024

Hanley Castle Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan REGULATION 14 SUBMISSION January 2024 (tracked changes)


Proposed Neighbourhood Area - Map of the Parish

Modifications Statement

Pre-submission Consultation Statement

If you have comments, please send them to or write to the Parish Clerk; Rebecca Abunassar, 12 Court Road, Strensham, Worcester WR8 9LP


The deadline for comments is March 14th


Hard copies will be made available for your consideration at key local sites shortly.

Steve Gogerty

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