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Waste and Recycling

Household Waste Recycling

Malvern Hills District Council collects household waste and recycling.  To view the collection calendar, click on the image.

The nearest refuse/recycling centre is in Upton, but it is not open every day.  For more information go to:

This website gives locations for recycling items that can not be placed in our green bins. For example: 


Soft Plastics (like plastic bags, crisp packets, and plastic wrapping from vegetables) can be taken to several local supermarkets including:

  • Co-op supermarkets: Upton, Barnards Green, Worcester Road, and Upper Howell Road in Malvern

  • Morrison’s & M&S, Malvern Retail Park

  • Aldi, Malvern

  • Waitrose, Malvern

The collection bin is normally labeled ‘used plastic bags’ but any soft plastic can be deposited.


Plastic bread bags, cheese wrappers and empty medicine tablet blister packs can be dropped off at The Old Pump House at the junction of Gilbert’s End and the B4209 in Hanley Castle. These are sent to a company called TerraCycle. They pay a small fee for the waste and this is donated to The Community Orchard.

Brita water filters can be taken to Argos at the Malvern Retail Park.

M&S - carrier bags and online delivery bags, plastic pouches used for food and household items, wrappers and bags for chocolate, crisps, biscuits, and sweets, films from the top of food trays, clothing multipack bags, including inbuilt hangers, wraps from the bakery, food, household and beauty items.

Boots -  will recycle plastic from beauty, health, and wellness items, all brands.  

To reduce the amount you put into the rubbish, the following options may help you donate items to others or get them repaired.


Freecycle is site for people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reusing and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Membership is free. And now you can also set up your own, smaller personal Friends Circle for gifting and lending of items with just your friends.

Our nearest Freecycle group is in Malvern.

Repair Cafes

Run by volunteers, the aim of repair cafes is to reduce the amount of stuff going into landfill by offering free repairs.  Items that can be repaired range from clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, toys, garden equipment, bicycles, clocks, jewellery, ceramics, and more.  

There are repair cafes in Malvern, Ledbury, and Tewkesbury:

Malvern Hills Repair Cafe



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