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E-Bikes: Test Before You Invest

The Rationale of our Trial Scheme

We are a voluntary group promoting Ebikes as one of the schemes we have to help people reduce their Carbon Footprint, costs associated with transport and help with fitness and wellbeing.

Good quality Ebikes are a big investment and for regular use, it is best to buy a good quality Ebike with proven after sales service. Before making this investment we think people need to be able to trial a good ebike in their own territory and on their typical journeys, so they are confident they will get good value. So we offer 2 week trials on a donation basis.



In the Hanleys, there are two bikes.

Other bikes are available at other locations.

Our collection and return locations are all run by volunteers and are in Ledbury, Colwall, Malvern Link, The Hanleys and Callow End.



Please contact for more information.

Click on video for a guide on how to use the bike.

Hanleys E-Bike Demo

Hanleys E-Bike Demo

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