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Plastic-free Alternatives

Most people are aware of the harm that plastic can do to the environment. However what is less known, and according to the United Nations, the plastic industry is the fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gases in the world today.   This year the industry will emit as much CO2 as 189 coal fired power stations and this is expected to grow to account for 19% of greenhouse gases by 2040. 

Reducing the plastic we use can help both environment and help reduce the effects of climate change. But how to do it?


Every month at the Cafe Market you will find a plastic free stall run by volunteers and at cost to help you reduce the amount of plastic in your shopping basket   You will find plastic free alternatives to detergents, cleaning solutions, shampoos, washing up equipment, toothpaste and much more.   What’s more many of the alternatives are cheaper or the same price than traditional solutions and work just as well. 


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