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Footpath problem reporting

Peter Goodyear, the current footpath warden, and his protégé Steve Pennant have set up a WhatsApp group to report and address problems on the Hanleys' footpaths. The issues would be resolved by the warden through local volunteers, land owners or Worcestershire CC. If you would like to join the group please WhatsApp or text a message to Steve Pennant’s mobile 07804331218.

Issues reported could be any of the following:

  • signposting/ waymarking

  • vegetation

  • bridge/ ditch crossing

  • stile/ gate

  • surface/ drainage (for example, potholes or other surface damage including flooded or waterlogged paths)

  • steps

  • ploughing/ cropping

  • obstructions (deposits /buildings/ fence)

  • deterrent notices/ disputed route

  • intimidation (person or animal)

  • fallen tree

  • other

Depending on take up we may be able to allocate volunteers to footpaths they frequently use.


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